13S 48V 20A BMS Li-Ion Battery Protection Board with Connector

Product Details

  • Product Type: 13S 48V 20A BMS Li-ion BMS Module
  • Dimension: 74mm x 46mm x 8mm
  • Connector Type: JST
  • Cable length: 40cm
  • Package Contains: 1 x 13S 20A BMS with Cable

999.00 (ex. GST)

13S 48V 20A BMS Li-ion Battery Protection Board (With connector) is an electronic system that manages a rechargeable battery by monitoring its state, calculating the data, reporting that data. It gives overcharge Protection, short circuit protection, and over-discharge protection to the battery. The term 13S 48V 20A BMS denotes 13 series 48V battery pack, and 20A continues discharging current. For a rechargeable battery pack, BMS is a must-needed device for safe operation.

  • Charging Voltage: 54.6V
  • Continuous Discharge Current: 20A
  • Instaneous Discharge Current: 100A
  • Charging Current: 20A(Max)
  • Working Temperature: -30~80℃
  • Over-charge Detect: 28±0.05V
  • Protect Delay: 100ms
  • Number of cells in Series: 13S
  • Compatible With: 48V lithium battery
  • Release Voltage: 9±0.1V
  • Detect Voltage: 150mV
  • Detect Delay: 15mS
  • Resistance: ≤15mΩ

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