16×2 LCD Display for Arduino with Presoldered Male Header Pins

Product details

  • LCD display model: LCD1602
  • Backlight color: green
  • Voltage supply: 5V
  • Displays: number, character, and symbol
  • Dimensions: 80x36x10 mm
  • Header pins: soldered male header pins
  • Package contains: 1 x LCD1602 display with soldered male header pins

179.00 (ex. GST)

A 16×2 LCD display is a basic display screen for Arduino, controller or any type of electronics and DIY projects. It is a parallel type display and has 16 rows and 2 columns as the name suggests.

RoboElements has LCD display with presoldered header pins. Unsoldered display requires effort to solder it and also it’s time-consuming. This LCD display is best suitable for beginners.