2pcs Electret OmniDirectional Condenser Microphone

product Specifications

  • Product: – Electret OmniDirectional Condenser Microphone,
  • Dimensions: -10 x 6 mm,
  • Omnidirectional,
  • Small microphones for general use,
  • High sensitivity type,
  • S/N ratio: – > 62 dB

35.00 (ex. GST)

An electret microphone is a, condenser microphone, electrostatic type capacitor based microphone. It has a small capsule type structure, so also known as electret capsule microphone. It is used in electronics project to record audio. Being a 4 mm electret condenser microphone and no need of polarizing power supply by using any permanently charged material makes is famous to use in electronics and DIY projects.

As normal microphone, electret microphone converts audio signal as an electrical signal. Buy electret microphone from RoboElements across India and use in your DIY or any project at the cheap price and never regret about its quality.

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