433MHz Wireless RF Tx Rx Transmitter Receiver Module Green

Product Details

  • Product: FS1000A transmitter receiver module
  • Dimension
    • Receiver: 30mm x 14mm x 9mm
    • Transmitter: 19mm x 19mm x 8mm
  • Package contains: 1 x FS1000A receiver and 1 x FS100A transmitter

99.00 (ex. GST)

This FS1000A is the simplex Tx Rx 433MHz RF module. The transmitter/receiver pair operates at the frequency of 433MHz and at the rate of 1Kbs – 10Kbps. 

An RF transmitter receives serial data and transmits it wirelessly through RF through its antenna connected to pin4. The transmitted data is received by an RF receiver operating at the same frequency as that of the transmitter.

This is an easy-to-use module and can be easily interfaced with Arduino, ESP866, ESP32, etc. it can transmit signals up to 100 meters (the antenna design, working environment, and supply voltage will seriously impact the effective distance).  This is the best choice for short distance communication, battery power device development.


  • Wide input voltage supply range (2.5V to 12V
  • Easy to integrate
  • Small size
  • The device is in deep sleep mode when the data pin is grounded

RF transmitter module pinout

Receiver Module Specification

  • Operating voltage: 5V DC
  • Static current:4mA
  • Receiver frequency: 433.92MHz; 315MHz
  • Sensitivity: -105dB
  • External antenna: 32CM single wire spiral
  • No of pins: 4

Transmitter Module Specification

  • Operating voltage: 3V to 12V
  • Operating frequency: 433.92MHz; 315MHz
  • Standby current: 0mA
  • Operating current: 20mA to 28mA
  • Transmission distance: >500m  (open to receiving plate sensitivity at -103dBm distance of more than)
  • Output power: 16dBm (40mW)
  • Data transfer rate: <10Kbps
  • Modulation mode: OOK (amplitude modulation)
  • Operating temperature: -10℃ to +70℃


  • Home automation and security
  • Transmit serial data for a short distance
  • Wireless logging
  • Remote control robot or car’
  • Short distance communication


Only simplex LOS communication is possible. The transmitter can only transmit data and the receiver can only receive it, so you can only send data from point A to B and not from point B to A.

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