5 pcs 9V Battery Snap Connector


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Product Details

  • Product: 9V battery snap connector
  • Wire length: 10cm
  • Wire color: red and black
  • Package contains: 5 x 9V Battery Snap Connector

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Out of stock

This is a 9V battery snap connector with a 10CM wire length. It has a battery connector at one end and open wire at another end. It makes it very simple to connect the 9V battery to required applications like breadboard or Arduino.

The connector comes with a polarity color red and black that avoids the chances of reverse connection.

  • Red and black wire to avoid reverse connection
  • Easy to connect 9V battery to breadboard or Arduino
  • High quality leather at the battery connector end
  • 10cm wire length
  • Best for happy and experiment project where 9V supply is required
  • Prevents the possibility of tampering with battery contact.