5pc Set of 3mm Diameter Button Head 1 inch Bolt and Nut

Product Details

  • Nuts bolts type: M3 (3mm Diameter)
  • Brand: DGMECH
  • Material: Carbon Steel
  • Head type: Button Head (-)
  • Compatible material: Wood, metal, plastic etc
  • Package contains: 5 x Pair of M3 nut and bolt

28.00 (ex. GST)

3.75mm diameter nuts and bolts set are ready to use in any application from Heavy duty to DIY electronics and Robotics projects. The nut and bolt set has 3.75mm diameter and length 1 inch. It is made up of carbon steel, so it offers great tensile strength, corrosion protection and high durability. It is compatible with any material like wood, metal, plastic etc.

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