7402 IC Quad 2-Input Positive-NOR Gate

Product Specifications

  • Gate Type: NOR Gate
  • Number of Gates count in one IC: 4 Gates
  • Inputs Number per Gate: 2
  • IC Type: DIP
  • Number of pins: 14
  • Power Consumption: Low
  • Package Contains: Unused and checked 1 piece of 7402

17.00 (ex. GST)

7402 is a NOR gate IC, functionality is opposite to OR. the IC belongs to 74 series gate IC family. IC 7402 has 2 input NOR gate and 4 such circuits in one IC package. the IC has a lead-14 pin DIP tube type package.

RoboElements has the original gate IC only. It is difficult to see either IC is original or not. But once the maker uses the original one, they exactly know how different it is. original gate IC has more accurate output, more tolerance, and voltage bearing capacity. Buy 7402 Gate IC from RoboElements online across India.

  • Large operating voltage
  • Its operating conditions are wide
  • Maximum Current that output can draw: 8mA
  • It has TTL outputs
  • Its power consumption is low
  • The range of operating voltage: 4.75V to 5.5V
  • Maximum limit of voltage: 7V

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