MBR20100CT 20A 100V Dual High Voltage Schottky Diode Rectifier

Product Details

  • Product: MBR20100CT diode
  • No of pins: 3
  • Package: TO-220
  • Mounting: through hole
  • Package contains: 1 x MBR20100C Dual High Voltage Schottky Diode Rectifier

39.00 (ex. GST)

MBR20100CT is a Schottky barrier diode in a TO-220 package. It is specially designed to meet the general requirements of commercial applications by providing high temperature, low leakage, and low forward voltage. 


  • 20A total (10A per diode leg)
  • Guard-ring for stress protection
  • Low forward voltage
  • Low power loss, high efficiency
  • High surge capability
  • Low stored charge majority carrier conduction
  • High junction temperature capability
  • High frequency operation
  • TO-220 package

Mechanical Characteristic

  • Case: epoxy molded
  • Finish: all external surfaces corrosion resistant and terminal leads are readily solderable
  • Weight: 1.9g (approx)
  • Lead temperature for soldering purpose: 260℃ max. For 10 seconds

Technical Specification

  • Peak repetitive reverse voltage: 100V
  • Working peak reverse voltage: 100V
  • DC blocking voltage: 100V
  • Average rectified output current: 10A
  • Peak repetitive forward current: 20A
  • Non repetitive peak surge current: 150A
  • Peak repetitive reverse surge current (2.0µs, 1.0kHz): 0.5A
  • Storage and operating temperature: -65℃ to +175℃


  • Switching mode power supply
  • DC to DC converters
  • Free wheeling diode
  • Polarity protection applications
  • AC-DC filters
  • Line detectors

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