Nodemcu ESP8266 CH340 Wifi IoT Module

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  • Product: Nodemcu ESP8266 CH340 Wifi IoT Module
  • Dimension: 49mm x 24.5 x 13mm
  • Header pins: soldered
  • Cable included: no
  • Package contains: 1 x Nodemcu ESP8266 CH340 Wifi IoT Module

329.00 (ex. GST)

The new NodeMCU V3 is a breadboard friendly open-source ESP8266 development kit, armed with CH340 USB to TTL serial converter chip. Board is a fast leading edge low-cost wifi technology. Modern high-level mature LUA based technology. It is an integrated unit with all the available resources on board. It is very simple to complement your existing Arduino project or any development board that has I/O pins available. 

An open-source firmware and development kit that helps you to prototype your IOT Projects within a few LUA scripts lines. Modern internet development tools such as Node.js can take advantage of the NodeMCU with the built-in API to put your idea on the fast track immediately. NodeMCU is built based on the mature esp8266 WiFi technology to take advantage the abundant resources available on the web. 

NodeMCU has ESP-12 based serial WiFi integrated onboard to provide GPIO, PWM, ADC, I2C, and 1-wire resources at your fingertips, built-in USB-TTL serial with upper reliable industrial strength CH340 for superior stability on all supported platforms. All the features make it very simple to use in any IoT project, no need to press reset/flash for programming. 


  • Input voltage supply: 4.5V to 9V
  • Communication interface voltage: 3.3V
  • Current consumption: 10uA-170mA
  • Flash memory: 4MB
  • Transfer rate: 110 Kbps to 460800 Kbps
  • Analog to digital: 1 input with 1024 resolution
  • GPIOs: 17 (multiplexed with other functions)
  • Processor: L106 32 bit
  • Processor speed: 80MHz to 160MHz
  • Maximum concurrent TCP connection: 5


  • Based on the CH340 chip
  • Wireless 802.11 b/g/n standards
  • WiFi at 2.4GHz, support WPA / WPA2 security mode
  • Supports STA/AP/STA+AP three operating modes
  • Built-in TCP/IP protocol stack to support multiple TCP client connections, max 5
  • Support UART /GPIO data communication interface
  • Remote firmware upgrade (OTA)
  • Support smart link smart networking
  • ESP8266 has IO pins
  • Don’t need to download resetting
  • A great set of tools to develop ESP8266
  • Lowest cost WiFi
  • For Arduino like hardware IO
  • Greatly speed up your IOT application developing process
  • Open-source, interactive, programmable, low cost, simple, smart, Wi-Fi enabled
  • Wi-Fi MCU integrated and easy to prototyping kit
  • It has built-in USB-TTL serial with upper reliable industrial strength CH340 for superior stability on all supported platforms.
  • Advanced API for hardware IO, which can dramatically reduce the redundant work for configuring and manipulating hardware.
  •  Event-driven API for network application, which facilitates developers writing code running on a 5mm*5mm sized MCU in Nodejs style. 
Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm

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