R385 6V-12V Mini Aquarium DC Water Pump Diaphragm Based

Product Details

  • Model: R385
  • Pump size: 90mm x 40mm x 35mm
  • input/outlet tube diameter
    • Outer diameter: 8.4mm
    • Inner diameter: 6mm
  • Material: high-quality plastic
  • Color: white
  • Package contains: 1 x R385 6V-12V Mini Aquarium DC Water Pump

220.00 (ex. GST)

R385 water pump is the perfect choice for the projects where you need to move water from one place to another. It can shoot water up to 3M above and suck them 2M below as well as can handle heated liquids up to a temperature of 80℃. This pump has a flow rate of 1.3L/min that is a pretty smooth rate to make DIY projects, aquarium, inflatable pool, plant watering, and the list goes on. 

The pump requires a DC voltage of 6V to 12V and current from 0.5A to 0.7A and delivers its maximum performance at the upper range (the voltage and current beyond the limit can damage the motor).

It is based on a diaphragm and works with sound levels under 30db, which is quite less compared to other water pumps. The pump has a filter inside 


  • Operating voltage range: 6V-12V DC
  • Load Operating current range: 0.5A-0.7A
  • Water flow rate range: 1-3L/min
  • Maximum water flow rate: 1.3L/min
  • Maximum head: 3M
  • Maximum suction: 2M
  • Withstand liquid temperature: 80℃
  • Serving life: 2500H
  • Rubber Mounts in pack: No


  • Aquarium
  • Automatic plant watering
  • Fountain or waterfall
  • Inflatable pool
  • Timing of mineral water filling
  • Car washing
  • Music activated dancing water