T Plug Deans Connector for LiPo Battery Male and Female Pair


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Product details

  • Product type: deans connector or T plug
  • Connector type: pair of male and female connector
  • Best suited for: LiPo Battery
  • Colour: Red and Copper (as shown in image)
  • Shape: Banana Connector
  • Current rating: 60A of continuous load
  • Maximum current: 75A
  • Material: plastic and copper
  • Package contains: 1 X T plug or deans connector male and female pair

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Out of stock

Deans connectors are the most common type of connector to use in a battery pack for RC helicopter or car like LiPo. The connector provides secure connections for the battery and motor. Deans connector is also known as dean connector and T plug connector. Its current rating is very high.