Wireless Remote Control Car Kit Using RF Transmitter Receiver Module

Kit Contents:

  • RF transmitter-receiver Pair
  • HT12D IC
  • HT12E IC
  • L293d Module
  • Chassis
  • Wires – 20
  • Mini Breadboard
  • Motor – 2
  • tyre – 2
  • caster wheel

869.00 (ex. GST)

This kit is a wireless remote controlled car kit using radio frequency transceiver module. RF module comes in two part, RF transmitter and RF receiver, using this car is remotely controlled. RoboElements offers complete car parts at lower price than individual.

As there is no controller and processor, so this RC car kit is a non-programmable. This is perfect for beginners.


  • The power supply for Tx and Rx should be equal
  • Use IC and female berg strip to protect encoder decoder IC and RF transceiver module
  • There should be only one pair of Tx and Rx in working field to avoid signal cross