74HC148 74148 8-to-3 Line Priority Encoder IC

Product Details :

IC number 74148
Function 8 to 3 line priority decoder
Number of pins 16
Mounting type through holes
Package DIP-16 plastic tube package

49.00 (ex. GST)

74148 is an 8 data line to 3 line decoder IC. This IC ensures that only the highest priority or order data is encoded. The device has an inbuilt cascading circuit when input EI and output EO are enabled which allows for octal expansion without external cascading circuit.


  • Voltage supply: 4.5V to 5.5V.
  • Current supply: 40mA to 60mA.
  • High-level input voltage: 2V.
  • Low-level input voltage: 0.8V.
  • High-level output voltage: 2.V to 3.3V.
  • Low level output voltage: 0.2V to 0.4V.

Pin Description:

Pin Symbol Description
1 4 decimal data input (active low)
2 5 decimal data input (active low)
3 6 decimal data input (active low)
4 7 decimal data input (active low)
5 EI enable input (active low)
6 A2 binary address output (active low)
7 A1 BCD address output (active low)
8 GND ground
9 A0 binary address output (active low)
10 0 decimal data input (active low)
11 1 decimal data input (active low)
12 2 decimal data input (active low)
13 3 decimal data input (active low)
14 GS goes low when EI is low and any input is low
15 EO goes high when EI is low and any input is low (EO = GS)
16 Vcc supply voltage

74148 ic pinout


  • N-bit encoding
  • Code converters and generators


  • All the technical values are given at V=5V and T=25℃
  • More than one output should not be sorted at a time

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